Catalysis: Volume 33 Editors: James Spivey, Yi-Fan Han, Dushyant Shekhawat

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16 Jun 2021
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This volume looks at modern approaches to catalysis and reviews the extensive literature. Chapters highlight application of 2D materials in biomass conversion catalysis, plasmonic photocatalysis, catalytic demonstration of mesoporosity in the hierarchical zeolite and the effect of surface phase oxides on supported metals and catalysis. Looking to the future a chapter on ab initio machine learning for accelerating catalytic materials discovery is included. Appealing broadly to researchers in academia and industry, these illustrative chapters bridge the gap from academic studies in the laboratory to practical applications in industry not only for catalysis field but also for environmental protection. Other chapters with an industrial perspective include heterogeneous and homogeneous catalytic routes for vinyl acetate synthesis, catalysis for production of jet fuel from renewable sources by HDO/HDC and microwave-assisted catalysis for fuel conversion. Chemical reactions in ball mills is also explored. The book will be of great benefit to any researcher wanting a succinct reference on developments in this area now and looking to the future.

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SPR - Catalysis