Ion Mobility-Mass Spectrometry: Fundamentals and Applications Editors: Alison E Ashcroft, Frank Sobott

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26 Nov 2021
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About this book

Over the last decade, the use of ion mobility separation in combination with mass spectrometry analysis has developed significantly. This technique adds a unique extra dimension enabling the in-depth analysis of a wide range of complex samples in the areas of the chemical and biological sciences. Providing a comprehensive guide to the technique, each chapter is written by an internationally recognised expert and with numerous different commercial platforms to choose from, this book will help the end users understand the practicalities of using different instruments for different ion mobility purposes.

The first section provides a detailed account of the fundamentals behind the technique and the current range of available instrumentation. The second section focusses on the wide range of applications that have benefitted from ion mobility – mass spectrometry and includes topics taken from current research in the pharmaceutical, metabolomics, glycomics, and structural molecular biology fields. The book is primarily aimed at researchers, appealing to practising chemists and biochemists, as well as those in the pharmaceutical and medical fields.