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DNA Damage, DNA Repair and Disease: Volume 2 Editors: Miral Dizdaroglu, R Stephen LLoyd

About this book

The DNA of all organisms is constantly being damaged by endogenous and exogenous sources. Oxygen metabolism generates reactive species that can damage DNA, proteins and other organic compounds in living cells. Exogenous sources include ionizing and ultraviolet radiations, carcinogenic compounds and environmental toxins among others. The discovery of multiple DNA lesions and DNA repair mechanisms showed the involvement of DNA damage and DNA repair in the pathogenesis of many human diseases, most notably cancer. These books provide a comprehensive overview of the interdisciplinary area of DNA damage and DNA repair, and their relevance to disease pathology. Edited by recognised leaders in the field, this two-volume set is an appealing resource to a variety of readers including chemists, chemical biologists, geneticists, cancer researchers and drug discovery scientists.

From the book series:
Chemical Biology

Book content

  • Mechanisms and Maps of Nucleotide Excision Repair
  • Emerging Concepts on the Early Steps of Base Excision Repair Pathway with a Focus on Gene Expression
  • Base Excision Repair in Plants: Variations on a Theme
  • OGG1 at the Crossroads of Inflammation and DNA Base Excision Repair
  • Fidelity Mechanisms of DNA Polymerase Beta
  • DNA Damage Leads to Neurodegeneration via Mitochondrial Dysfunction
  • Emerging Roles of Sirtuins in Chromatin Regulation and DNA Repair Via their NAD+-dependent Activities
  • Unique Roles of Human Translesion Synthesis DNA Polymerase
  • Replicative and Transcriptional Bypass of Alkylated DNA Lesions in Human Cells
  • Mutational Spectra Provide Insight into the Mechanisms Bridging DNA Damage to Genetic Disease
  • Evolving DNA Repair Targets for Cancer Therapy
  • Basic, Translational and Clinical Relevance of the DNA Repair and Redox Signaling Protein APE1 in Human Diseases
  • The role of PARP and the therapeutic potential of PARP inhibitors in cancer
  • Translating DNA Adduct Knowledge to Human Prevention Trials
  • DNA Damage and the Maintenance of Nuclear Genome Integrity in Aging and Associated Phenotypes
  • Gamma- and Ion-beam DNA Radiation Damage: Theory and Experiment

The print version of this book is planned for release on 19 November 2020. Information about this book is subject to change without notice.

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This book contains 450 pages.

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