Teaching and Learning in the School Chemistry Laboratory Authors: Avi Hofstein, Muhamad Hugerat

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Research into the educational effectiveness of chemistry practical work has shown that the laboratory offers a unique mode of instruction, assessment and evaluation. Laboratory work is an integral and important part of the learning process, used to encourage the development of high order thinking and learning alongside high order learning and thinking skills such as argumentation and metacognition.
Authored by renowned experts in the field of chemistry education, this book provides a holistic approach to cover all issues related to learning and teaching in the chemistry laboratory. With sections focused on developing the skill sets of teachers, as well as approaches to supporting students in the laboratory, the book offers a comprehensive look at vicarious instruction methods, teacher and students' roles, and the blend with ICT, simulations, and other effective approaches to practical work. The book concludes with a focus on retrospective issues, followed-up with a look to the future of laboratory learning.
A product of nearly fifty years of research, this book will be useful for chemistry teachers, curriculum developers, researchers in chemistry education, and professional development providers.

Book content

  • The Role of the Laboratory in Chemistry Teaching and Learning
  • How Are Chemistry Laboratories Conducted?
  • The Chemistry Laboratory: From Theory to Practice
  • Assessing Students in the Chemistry Laboratory
  • Teacher and Student Behavior in the Chemistry Laboratory
  • New Learning Goals in the Chemistry Laboratory in a New Era
  • The Future of Chemistry Laboratories

The print version of this book is planned for release on 19 November 2021. Information about this book is subject to change without notice.

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