DNA Photodamage: From Light Absorption to Cellular Responses and Skin Cancer Editors: Roberto Improta, Thierry Douki

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22 Dec 2021
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Induction of DNA damage by sunlight is a major deleterious event in living organisms. Recent developments have dramatically improved our understanding of the photochemical processes involved at the sub-picosecond time scale and along with next generation sequencing and data processing has generated a need for a complete up-to-date coverage of the field. Written in an accessible and comprehensive manner,

DNA Photodamage

will appeal to all scientists working in the area whether specialists in the discipline or not and provides a complete coverage of the field, from ultrafast spectroscopy to biomedical research. Bridging the gap between photophysical and photochemical research on model systems, and in vivo and in vitro biological studies, this book aims to identify the most important research trends in the field and review their major findings.