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Solid Rocket Propellants: Science and Technology Challenges Authors: Haridwar Singh, Himanshu Shekhar

About this book

Propellants contain considerable chemical energy that can be used in rocket propulsion. Bringing together information on both the theoretical and practical aspects of solid rocket propellants for the first time, this book will find a unique place on the readers' shelf providing the overall picture of solid rocket propulsion technology. Aimed at students, engineers and researchers in the area, the authors have applied their wealth of knowledge regarding formulation, processing and evaluation to provide an up to date and clear text on the subject.

Book content

  • Preface
  • History of Rocketry and Systems
  • Rocket Propellants : Classification and Manufacture
  • Propellant Ingredients and Their Properties
  • Solid rocket propellants : Processing Technologies
  • Insulation, Liner and Inhibition System
  • Essence of Solid Rocket Propulsion
  • Quality Control, Assurance and Reliability
  • Process safety
  • Ignition System
  • Combustion Mechanism
  • Nano Materials Application in Solid Propellants
  • Control and Guidance
  • Structural Integrity of Solid Rocket Propellants
  • Rocket Casing
  • Advanced Propellants and Future Trends
  • Index
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Print publication date
28 Nov 2019
Copyright year
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