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Histological Techniques: An Introduction for Beginners in Toxicology Authors: Robert Maynard, Noel Downes, Brenda Finney

About this book

Histological techniques form the basis of many areas of research, yet they can often be poorly understood. Aimed at postgraduate students and those at an early stage of their career, this title provides a detailed and comprehensive introduction to histological techniques. With detailed images and slides, this book provides a unique overview of the area while providing the reader with a guide to how to use and incorporate histological techniques within their own research. Written by experts working within the field, this book is an essential handbook for anyone wanting to learn more about histological methods and how to apply them successfully.

Book content

  • Introduction
  • An Introduction to Histopathology
  • The Light Microscope
  • How to Examine Histological Sections
  • Tissue Processing
  • Embedding Media and Sectioning
  • Attaching Sections to Slides and Mounting
  • Standard Staining Techniques
  • The Theory of Histological Staining
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Print publication date
28 Nov 2019
Copyright year
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