Concepts and Design of Materials Nanoarchitectonics Editors: Omar Azzaroni, Katsuhiko Ariga

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16 Feb 2022
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The concept of nanoarchitechtonics was introduced to describe the correct manipulation of nanoscale materials in the creation of nano-devices and applications. Nanoarchitectonics has begun to spread into many fields including nanostructured materials synthesis, supramolecular assembly, nanoscale structural fabrications, materials hybridizations, materials and structures for energy and environmental sciences, device and physical application, and bio- and medical applications. Following on from the 2012 title Manipulation of Nanoscale Materials, Concepts and Design of Materials Nanoarchitectonics covers the introductory features underlying the field, presenting a unifying overview of the theoretical aspects and emerging applications that are changing the capability to understand and design advanced functional materials. Edited by pioneers of the field, this book will appeal to researchers working in nanoscience, materials science, supramolecular chemistry, physical chemistry and organic chemistry, as well as graduate students in these areas.