Foodomics: Omic Strategies and Applications in Food Science Editor: Jorge Barros-Velázquez

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31 Mar 2021
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About this book

Presenting an up-to-date review of the state-of-the-art and main applications of omics technologies to current hot topics in food sciences, this book is divided into four convenient sections. The first section represents an introduction to the development of foodomics and will provide a general overview of DNA-based and protein-based methods. The second section is focused on the main applications of omics to food safety issues, such as chemical hazards, foodborne pathogens, phages, food authentication or GMO detection. The third section is focused on specific food groups and how omics have revolutionized the investigation of dairy and meat products, seafood, agricultural and fermented food products. Finally, the fourth section is devoted to the link between foodomics and health: hot topics such as nutrimetabolomics, food allergy or probiotics are reviewed here.

The book brings together work from top international scientists to produce the most significant academic book for some years on omics and food for a broad audience. It presents unique features not covered so far by other books, such as a detailed description of different strategies and applications of omics techniques to many food sectors and provides a welcome addition to the cutting-edge literature in this area for researchers and professionals in food science and food chemistry.