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Sticking Together: The Science of Adhesion Author: Steven Abbott

About this book

This popular science title covers adhesion science in an easily accessible entertaining manner. As well as outlining types of adhesion and their importance in everyday life, the book covers interesting future applications of adhesion and inspiration taken from nature. Ideal for students and the scientifically minded reader this book provides a fascinating introduction to the science of what makes things stick.

Book content

  • Introduction
  • Background Ideas
  • Sticking like a Gecko
  • How Stuck is Stuck?
  • Strong Adhesion
  • Strong Adhesion with Weak Polymers
  • Sticking Other Things Together
  • Watching Paint Dry
  • Sticking in 3D
  • Not Sticking
  • How Nature Sticks Things

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This book contains 278 pages.

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Print publication date
05 May 2020
Copyright year
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Author information

Professor Steven Abbott studied chemistry at Oxford and received a PhD for work done in Oxford and Harvard. A post-doc in the Nobel Prize winning lab of Prof Jean-Marie Lehn in Strasbourg was followed by an industrial career in the chemical company ICI and in a coatings company near Oxford. He collaborated for many years with a team at the University of Leeds and was appointed as Visiting Professor in the School of Mechanical Engineering. He has been an independent scientist since 2009, a trouble-shooter, trainer and prolific app writer, and author of free eBooks linked to the apps. He is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry.