Droplet Microfluidics Editors: Carolyn Ren, Abraham Lee

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27 Nov 2020
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Droplet microfluidics offers tremendous potential as an enabling technology for high-throughput screening. It promises to yield novel techniques for personalised medicine, drug discovery, disease diagnosis, establishing chemical libraries, and the discovery of new materials. Despite the enormous potential to contribute to a broad range of applications, the expected adoption has not yet been seen, partly due to the interdisciplinary nature and the fact that, up until now, information has been scattered across the literature. This book goes a long way to addressing these issues.

Edited by two leaders, this book has drawn together expertise from around the globe to form a unified, cohesive resource for the droplet microfluidics community. Starting with the basic theory of droplet microfluidics before introducing its use as a tool, the reader will be treated to chapters on important techniques, including robust passive and active droplet manipulations and applications such as single cell analysis, which is key for drug discovery. This book is a go-to resource for the community yearning to adopt and promote droplet microfluidics into different applications and will interest researchers and practitioners working across chemistry, biology, physics, materials science, micro- and nano-technology, and engineering.

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