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Nanolithography of Biointerfaces: Faraday Discussion 219

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Recently, groups from different fields have been making significant advances in creating the printing tools, chemical reactions, and analytical approaches for developing and studying 3D nanostructures composed of glycans and glycomimetics.

This Faraday Discussion aims to bring these communities together in a single symposium to create a new language for approaching the challenge of carbohydrate-based biointerfaces, ranging from researchers who focus entirely on printing tools, surface chemistry, binding thermodynamics and glycobiology, and others whose nascent efforts to combine these are leading to groundbreaking new materials and a revolutionary understanding of these unconventional surface interactions, where multivalency and cooperativity have an outsized role.

This symposium will show how chemistry, particularly the combination of physical and organic chemistry, will continue to drive advances in the field, and provide new approaches to understanding, and in turn, creating biomimetic materials with precisely controlled nanoscale structure in three dimensions.

In this volume the topics covered include:
Multidimensional micro- and nano-printing technologies
Preparation of multivalent glycan micro- and nano-arrays
Glycan interactions on glycocalyx
New directions in surface functionalization and characterization

From the book series:
Faraday Discussions

Book content

  • Multidimensional Micro- and Nano-printing Technologies
  • Preparation of Multivalent Glycan Micro- and Nano-arrays
  • Glycan Interactions on Glycocalyx Mimetic Surfaces
  • New Directions in Surface Functionalization and Characterization
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25 Nov 2019
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Faraday Discussions documents a long-established series of Faraday Discussion meetings which provide a unique international forum for the exchange of views and newly acquired results in developing areas of physical chemistry, biophysical chemistry and chemical physics. The papers presented are published in the Faraday Discussion volume together with a record of the discussion contributions made at the meeting. Faraday Discussions therefore provide an important record of current international knowledge and views in the field concerned. The latest (2017) impact factor of Faraday Discussions is 3.427.