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Petroleum Engineering Explained: Basic Concepts for Novices Author: David Shallcross

About this book

Assuming no mathematical or chemistry knowledge, this book introduces complete beginners to the field of petroleum engineering. Written in a straightforward style, the author takes a practical approach to the subject avoiding complex mathematics to achieve a text that is robust without being intimidating.

Covering traditional petroleum engineering topics, readers of this book will learn about the formation and characteristics of petroleum reservoirs, the chemical properties of petroleum, the processes involved in the exploitation of reservoirs, post-extraction processing, industrial safety, and the long-term outlook for the oil and gas production. The descriptions and discussions are informed by considering the production histories of several fields including the Ekofisk field in the North Sea, the Wyburn Field in Canada, the Manifa Field in Saudi Arabia and the Wilmington Field off the Californian Coast. The factors leading up to the well blowouts on board the Deepwater Horizon in the Gulf of Mexico and in the Mantara Field in the Timor Sea are also examined. With a glossary to explain key words and concepts, this book is a perfect introduction for newcomers to a petroleum engineering course, as well as non-specialists in industry.

Professor David Shallcross is one of the foremost practitioners in chemical engineering education worldwide. Readers of this book will find his previous book, Chemical Engineering Explained, a useful companion.

Book content

  • Exploiting a Petroleum Reservoir
  • Understanding Oil Field Units
  • Petroleum
  • Petroleum Reservoirs
  • Drilling and Completing a Well
  • Well Logging
  • Fluid Flow Through Pipes and Porous Media
  • Primary Recovery and Well Stimulation
  • Secondary Recovery
  • Enhanced Oil Recovery
  • Surface Process Equipment
  • Industrial Safety
  • Reservoir Simulation
  • Offshore Operations
  • Oil and Gas Production in the Long Term

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This book contains 436 pages.

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Print publication date
20 Apr 2020
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