Layered Materials for Energy Storage and Conversion Editors: Dongsheng Geng, Yuan Cheng, Gang Zhang

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04 Feb 2019
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The considerable interest in graphene and 2D materials is sparking intense research on layered materials due to their unexpected physical, electronic, chemical, and optical properties. This book will provide a comprehensive overview of the recent and state-of-the-art research progress on layered materials for energy storage and other applications. With a brief introduction to layered materials, the chapters of this book gather various fascinating topics such as electrocatalysis for fuel cells, lithium-ion batteries, sodium-ion batteries, photovoltaic devices, thermoelectric devices, supercapacitors and water splitting. Unique aspects of layered materials in these fields, including novel synthesis and functionalization methods, particular physicochemical properties and consequently enhanced performance are addressed. Challenges and perspectives for layered materials in these fields will also be presented. With contributions from key researchers, Layered Materials for Energy Storage and Conversion will be of interest to students, researchers and engineers worldwide who want a basic overview of the latest progress and future directions.

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Smart Materials Series