Challenges in Green Analytical Chemistry: Edition 2 Editors: Salvador Garrigues, Miguel de la Guardia

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13 May 2020
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Analytical techniques are employed every day in both, industry and academia. The concept of green analytical chemistry involves making analytical chemistry safer for operators, more sustainable for the environment and more economical. Improvements in the availability of renewable feedstocks, miniaturization, automated technology, and chemical recycling, make this a vibrant field of research.

This new edition of Challenges in Green Analytical Chemistry presents an overview of the latest tools and techniques for improving safety and sustainability in analytical chemistry. Covering topics including solvent selection, miniaturization and metrics for the evaluation of greenness, this book is a useful resource for researchers and application laboratories interested in reducing the risks and environmental impacts of analytical methods.

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Green Chemistry Series

Author information

Salvador Garrigues is Full Professor of Analytical Chemistry at University of Valencia from 2006. His research has focused on sample preparation and spectroscopy, mainly in the field of vibrational one, applied to quantitative analysis, combined with automation and the use of chemometrics.

Miguel de la Guardia is Full Professor of Analytical Chemistry at University of Valencia from 1991. He has published more than 650 scientific papers and various books in the field of analytical chemistry and supervised more than 35 PhD Thesis of students from different countries.

From 1990 both authors collaborate and, in the frame of Solinquiana research team, have contributed to the development of “green Analytical Chemistry” (GAC), with different research projects and specialized books on this topic.