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Future Lithium-ion Batteries Editor: Ali Eftekhari

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29 Mar 2019
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About this book

Lithium-ion batteries are an established technology with recent large-scale batteries finding emerging markets for electric vehicles and household energy storage. Battery research during the past two decades has focussed on practical improvements to available batteries, such as cell design to enhance energy density, which are currently nearing their maximum potential. We must now consider alternative avenues of research in pursuit of a new breakthrough in this technology. This book collects authoritative perspectives from leading researchers to project the emerging opportunities in the field of lithium-ion batteries. Covering topics including anode and cathode materials, electrolytes, emerging markets and the challenges and opportunities of lithium-ion battery supply, it will provide researchers with cutting-edge leads to advance the next generation of materials. Edited by a pioneer in the field, and with contributions from experts from across the globe, this book will be of use to graduate students and researchers in academia and industry interested in lithium-ion batteries and energy storage.