Carotenoid Esters in Foods: Physical, Chemical and Biological Properties Editor: Adriana Z Mercadante

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06 Mar 2019
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Carotenoids are found in some food plants, flowers and animals, in free form and also esterified with fatty acids. Recent research has concentrated on the extent of carotenoid esters in these sources, how to assess their presence and the amount available for potential health effects. Focusing on the occurrence and assembly in foods, biosynthesis, analytical methods for identification and quantification, dietary intake and metabolism, the most recent research is represented and a balanced overview of what is known about carotenoid esters is provided.

As the first book to address this topic in a comprehensive way, it ensures a better understanding of the importance of carotenoid esters to both food and health, and provides one source for researchers in food science, nutrition, natural products and the food and pharmaceutical industries. Carotenoid Esters in Foods will be a valued addition to the literature, specifically for those conducting research into carotenoids and carotenoid esters in foods. It is a unique contribution and a must-have source for those in this community.