Biogenic Amines in Food: Analysis, Occurrence and Toxicity Editors: Bahruddin Saad, Rosanna Tofalo

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12 Nov 2019
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A precise analysis of biogenic amines is important as an indicator of food freshness or spoilage that can cause serious toxicity. This book provides comprehensive background information on biogenic amines and their occurrence in various foods and drinks such as fermented and non-fermented sausages and fish products, cheeses, vegetables and beverages, e.g. beer, cider and wine. It gives a detailed description of both the established analytical methods and the emerging technologies for the analysis of them.
As the first book on the detection of biogenic amines in all types of food, it provides help to get a better understanding of the risks associated with biogenic amines and how to avoid them. It serves as an excellent and up-to-date reference for food scientists, food chemists and food safety professionals.