Traveling with the Atom: A Scientific Guide to Europe and Beyond Author: Glen E Rodgers

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Traveling with the Atom is a historical travel guide to the development of one of the most significant and enduring ideas in the history of humankind: the atomic concept. This history covers the notable places and landmarks commemorating this achievement, visiting homesteads, graveyards, laboratories, apartments, abbeys and castles, through picturesque rural villages and working class municipalities. From Montreal to Manchester, via some of the most elegant and romantic cities in Europe, Traveling with the Atom guides the reader on a trip through the lives and minds of the great thinkers who collectively unveiled the mystery of the atom. Fully illustrated and interspersed with intriguing and insightful notes throughout, this book is an ideal companion for the wandering scientist, their students, friends and companions or quintessential fireside reading for lovers of science and travel.

Book content

  • Traveling with the History of the Atomic Concept
  • Bookending the Atom
  • Pneumatists Set the Atomic Stage
  • Hard Spheres and Pictograms, The First Concrete Atomic Theory
  • Electricity and the Atom
  • The Brits, Led by the "Crocodile" and His Boys, Take the Atom Apart
  • Scientists at the Heart of Westminster Abbey
  • The New French Chemistry and Atomism
  • Atoms Go South
  • Questioning the Reality of Atoms on the Ground
  • Lighting the Dark Path to Atomism
  • The Danes Jump in
  • Röntgen Rays Revolutionize Physics and Lead to the Inner Atom
  • The Discovery That Atoms "Fly to Bits"
  • Quantum Mechanics Reluctantly Proposed
  • Quantum Mechanics Brings Uncertainty to the Atom
  • Nuclear Physics with "the Pope"
  • Mendeleev's and Our Path to the Periodic Table
  • Stockholm, the Atom, and the Nobel Prizes
  • Appendix
  • Place Index

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03 Dec 2019
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