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Polymer Colloids: Formation, Characterization and Applications Editors: Rodney Priestley, Robert Prud'homme

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This book contains 424 pages.

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04 Dec 2019
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About this book

Academic and industrial research around polymer-based colloids is huge, driven both by the development of mature technologies, e.g. latexes for coatings, as well as the advancement of new materials and applications, such as building blocks for 2D/3D structures and medicine. Edited by two world-renowned leaders in polymer science and engineering, this is a fundamental text for the field.

Based on a specialised course by the editors, this book provides the reader with an invaluable single source of reference. The first section describes formation, explaining basic properties of emulsions and dispersion polymerization, microfluidic approaches to produce polymer-based colloids and formation via directed self-assembly. The next section details characterisation methodologies from microscopy and small angle scattering, to surface science and simulations. The final chapters close with applications, including Pickering emulsions and molecular engineering for materials development.

A comprehensive guide to polymer colloids, with contributions by leaders in their respective areas, this book is a must-have for researchers and practitioners working across polymers, soft matter and chemical and molecular engineering.

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