NMR Methods for Characterization of Synthetic and Natural Polymers Editors: Rongchun Zhang, Toshikazu Miyoshi, Pingchuan Sun

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02 Aug 2019
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Since the introduction of FT-NMR spectroscopy around five decades ago, NMR has achieved significant advances in hardware and methodologies, accompanied with the enhancement of spectral resolution and signal sensitivity. Rapid developments in the polymers field mean that accurate and quantitative characterization of polymer structures and dynamics is the keystone for precisely regulating and controlling the physical and chemical properties of the polymer. This book specifically focuses on NMR investigation of complex polymers for the polymer community as well as NMR spectroscopists, and will push the development of both fields. It covers the latest advances, for example high field DNP and ultrafast MAS methodologies, and show how these novel NMR methods characterize various synthetic and natural polymers.

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