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Carbohydrate Chemistry: Chemical and Biological Approaches Volume 44 Editors: Amélia Pilar Rauter, Thisbe K Lindhorst, Yves Queneau

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06 Oct 2020
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About this book

The understanding of the structure and function of carbohydrates and glycoconjugates remains vital in many fields, notably in medicine and molecular biology. This new volume of Carbohydrate Chemistry contains critical reviews covering the latest findings in both chemical and biological sciences, and demonstrates the interdisciplinary nature of modern carbohydrate research. This book addresses diverse applications that continue to be major challenges for carbohydrate chemists. The oxidative deamination reactions and synthesis of


-acetylneuraminic acid derivatives, ketoheptoses, lipid A and analogs, the fascinating world of complex glycans in the interplay with Siglecs, carbohydrates and regenerative medicine, chemistry for the stereocontrol of glycosylation, and the impact of gold chemistry in carbohydrate research are some of the topics presented in this volume 44, which will certainly benefit any researcher who wishes to learn about the latest developments in the carbohydrate field.

From the book series:
SPR - Carbohydrate Chemistry