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Resource Recovery from Wastes: Towards a Circular Economy Editors: Lynne E Macaskie, D J Sapsford, Will M Mayes

About this book

The concept of a circular economy has been gaining increasing attention in recent years. Many of the sources of chemicals we have become reliant on are dwindling and the accumulation of waste products poses a serious environmental problem. By recovering resources from these waste materials, we can reduce our dependence on virgin feedstocks that may not be sustainable as well as reducing the quantity of material going to landfill sites.

Incorporating different perspectives from a global authorship, this book aims to introduce systems thinking to the field of waste and resource management. The topics covered range from the use of biogeochemical processes in resource recovery to the application of engineered nanomaterials, with information relevant to both academia and industry.

The broad range and cross-disciplinary nature of the topics in this book make it a valuable resource for those working in circular economy research, green chemistry and waste and resource management.

From the book series:
Green Chemistry Series

Book content

  • Preface
  • The role of biogeochemical processes in resource recovery from waste
  • Use of biotechnology for conversion of lignocellulosic waste into biogas and renewable chemicals
  • Towards an integrated hydrogen and bioenergy biorefinery
  • Resource recovery using microbial electrochemical technologies
  • Adding Value to Digestate and Ash (the AVAnD project) – elucidating the role and the value of alternative fertilisers on the soil-plant system
  • In situ recovery of resources from waste repositories
  • Integrating remediation and resource recovery of industrial alkaline wastes: case studies of steel and alumina industry residues
  • Applications of iron-reducing microbes in resource recovery from wastes
  • Biorefining of metallic wastes into new nanomaterials for green chemistry, environment and energy
  • New frontiers in metallic bio-nanoparticle catalysis and ‘green’ products from remediation processes
  • Applications of engineered nanomaterials in the recovery of metal and metalloids from aqueous waste
  • From bioenergy by-products to alternative fertilisers: pursuing circular economy
  • Metallic wastes into new process catalysts: life cycle and environmental benefits within integrated analyses using selected case histories
  • Complex value assessment in the interdependent steel manufacture, construction products and electricity generation systems
  • Governing resource recovery for a circular economy
  • Making resource recovery count: Knowledge uptake by government and industry

The print version of this book is planned for release on 25 September 2019. Information about this book is subject to change without notice.

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This book contains 422 pages.

Publication details

Copyright year: 2020
Print ISBN: 978-1-78801-381-9
ePub eISBN: 978-1-78801-865-4