Raman Spectroscopy in Archaeology and Art History: Volume 2 Editors: Peter Vandenabeele, Howell Edwards

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01 Nov 2018
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About this book

Ten years after the first volume, this book highlights the important contribution Raman spectroscopy makes as a non-destructive method for characterising the chemical composition of objects with archaeological and historical importance. The original book was ground-breaking in its concept, but the past ten years have seen some advancement into new areas, consolidation of some of the older ones and novel applications involving portable instrumentation, on site in museums and in the field.

This new volume maintains the topic at the cutting edge, the Editors have approached prominent contributors to provide case-studies sorted into themes. Starting with a Foreword from the British Museum Director of Scientific Research and an Introduction from the Editors, which offer general background information and theoretical context, the contributions then provide global perspectives on this powerful analytical tool.

Aimed at scientists involved in conservation, conservators and curators who want to better understand their collections at a material level and researchers of cultural heritage.