Post-combustion Carbon Dioxide Capture Materials Editor: Qiang Wang

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25 Oct 2018
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Inorganic solid adsorbents/sorbents are attractive materials for capturing carbon dioxide (CO2) from flue gases after fossil fuel combustion.

Post-combustion Carbon Dioxide Capture Materials introduces the key inorganic materials used as adsorbents/sorbents with specific emphasis on their design, synthesis, characterization, performance, and mechanism. Dedicated chapters cover carbon-based adsorbents, zeolite- and silica-based adsorbents, metal–organic framework (MOF)-based adsorbents, and alkali-metal-carbonate-based adsorbents. The final chapter discusses the practical application aspects of these adsorbents used in carbon dioxide capture from flue gases.

Edited and written by world-renowned scientists in each class of the specific material, this book will provide a comprehensive introduction for advanced undergraduates, postgraduates and researchers from both academic and industrial fields wishing to learn about the topic.

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Inorganic Materials Series