Confining Electrochemistry to Nanopores: From Fundamentals to Applications Editor: Yi-Tao Long

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30 Oct 2020
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The nanopore provides a highly electrochemically confined space within which single-molecule characteristics can be efficiently converted into measurable electrochemical signatures with high temporal and current resolution. Aimed at developing the concept of the electrochemical confined space in analysing single molecules, this book serves as a stepping-stone to many exciting discoveries in nanopore-based analysis of biological processes and chemical reactions in confined space.

The field of nanopore sensors is growing rapidly, but there have been no new books on nanopore technology that provide an overview of the research on nanopore-based sensing until now. The book provides a good source of nanopore studies for researchers interested in and working in the general areas of electrochemistry and nanobiotechnology, especially on nanopore sensors.

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