Anthocyanins from Natural Sources: Exploiting Targeted Delivery for Improved Health Editors: Marianne Su-Ling Brooks, Giovana B Celli

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13 Feb 2019
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Interest in anthocyanins has increased in the past few years, due to their potential health-promoting properties as dietary antioxidants. Previously they were known as an important class of natural colorant, orange-red to blue-violet, found in fruits such as berries and in vegetables. This book discusses ways of targeting the delivery of these compounds, through manipulation of exploitation mechanisms. It addresses all aspects from extraction of anthocyanins from natural sources, their health benefits and metabolism to specialized controlled release applications. It will serve as a unique reference for those specializing in the fate of anthocyanins in the body (pharmacokinetics) and the research related to controlled release systems. It will provide an insight for pharmaceutical scientists, food engineers, food scientists and those interested in human health and nutrition.