Powder Flow: Theory, Characterisation and Application Editors: Ali Hassanpour, Colin Hare, Massih Pasha

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16 Jul 2019
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About this book

Powder flow has attracted increased attention in recent years as novel formulated and functional products are being developed in powder forms, particularly in pharmaceutical and high value additive manufacturing industries. This book meets a need for a truly integrated modern treatment of dry powder flow, covering theory, robust characterisation techniques, modelling tools and applications.
Written by leaders in the field, the book opens by introducing the wide range of powder processing problems faced by industry, the complexities of powders and the myriad of ways their flow behaviour can be characterised. The authors then move on, with contributions from experts, to describe fundamental properties that can be measured, defining the states of stress and shear rate and the considerations that need to be taken account. By providing a comprehensive treatment of all available characterisation techniques, as well as various modelling tools, the reader obtains a clear, practical overview. Case studies and applications connect theory to practical examples across a broad range of industries.
This book stands out by not only providing the reader with guidance on what to measure but also how to interpret results, ensuring this is an invaluable text for anyone working on powder flow in the chemical, pharmaceutical and manufacturing industries, as well as students and researchers across chemical and process engineering disciplines.