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Legumes: Nutritional Quality, Processing and Potential Health Benefits Editor: Maria Ángeles Martín-Cabrejas

About this book

Legumes have high potential for improving the nutritional quality of foods, but limited data on their bioactive compounds exists. Results of clinical and epidemiological studies suggest that natural antioxidants can protect us against oxidative stress that is closely associated with cancer and cardiovascular disease. Legumes are a valuable source of bioactive compounds such as phenolic compounds, peptides and non-nutritional factors. They are rich in several important micronutrients, including potassium, magnesium, folate, iron, and zinc, and are an important source of protein in vegetarian diets. They are among the only plant foods that provide significant amounts of the amino acid, lysine. Commonly consumed legumes are also rich in total and soluble fibre as well as in resistant starch.

This book provides a comprehensive overview of the antioxidant activity and health aspects of legumes. The international spread of contributors will describe the key factors that influence consumer acceptance of legumes in the diet, as well as the known functional properties of legumes and legume based food products. It will serve as an excellent and up-to-date reference for food scientists, food chemists, researchers in human nutrition, dietetics and the chemistry of natural compounds.

Book content

  • Introduction: Nutritional Quality, Processing and Potential Health Benefits of Legumes: An Overview
  • Bioactive Compounds of Legumes: Legume Seeds as a Source of Phenolic Acids, Condensed Tannins, and Lignans
  • Phenolic compounds: Flavonoids in Legumes
  • Role of Dietary Fibre in Legumes
  • Legume Bioactive Peptides
  • Melatonin in Legumes
  • Non-nutritional Factors (Lectins, Phytic acid, Proteases Inhibitors, Allergens)
  • Processing of Legumes: Changes of Bioactive Compounds: Germination
  • Impact of Fermentation on the Nutritional Quality, Bioactive Compounds and Potential Health Properties of Legumes
  • Thermal Treatments
  • Innovative Legume Foods
  • Health Benefits of Legumes: Legumes and Oxidative Stress
  • Legumes and Inflammation
  • Legumes and Obesity
  • Legumes and Cancer

The print version of this book is planned for release on 04 January 2019. Information about this book is subject to change without notice.

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This book contains 350 pages.

Publication details

Copyright year: 2019
Print ISBN: 978-1-78801-161-7
ePub eISBN: 978-1-78801-675-9