Peptide-based Drug Discovery: Challenges and New Therapeutics Editor: Ved Srivastava

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26 Jun 2017
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With potentially high specificity and low toxicity, biologicals offer promising alternatives to small-molecule drugs. Peptide therapeutics have again become the focus of innovative drug development efforts backed up by a resurgence of venture funds and small biotechnology companies.

What does it take to develop a peptide-based medicine? What are the key challenges and how are they overcome? What are emerging therapeutics for peptide modalities? This book answers these questions with a holistic story from molecules to medicine, combining the themes of design, synthesis and clinical applications of peptide-based therapeutics and biomarkers. Chapters are written and edited by leaders in the field from industry and academia and they cover the pharmacokinetics of peptide therapeutics, attributes necessary for commercially successful metabolic peptides, medicinal chemistry strategies for the design of peptidase-resistant peptide analogues, disease classes for which peptide therapeutic are most relevant, and regulatory issues and guidelines.

The critical themes covered provide essential background information on what it takes to develop peptide-based medicine from a chemistry perspective and views on the future of peptide drugs. This book will be a valuable resource not only as a reference book for the researcher engaged in academic and pharmaceutical setting, from basic research to manufacturing and from organic chemistry to biotechnology, but also a valuable resource to graduate students to understand discovery and development process for peptide-based medicine.

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Ved Srivastava is Vice President of Chemistry and co-founder at Phoundry Pharmaceuticals, and prior to that he was head of Peptide Chemistry at GlaxoSmithKline and Vice President of research and production at New England Peptide. He spent several years with Amylin Pharmaceuticals where he focused on discovery and development of novel peptide hormones for diabetes, obesity and neuropsychiatric therapies. He has significantly contributed in the development of ByettaTM, SymlinTM and BydeureonTM for the treatment of diabetes. He also directed the research chemistry team of Psylin Neurosciences, Inc., a biotech company formed as a joint venture between Amylin Pharmaceuticals, Inc. and PshychoGenics, Inc.  Ved has over 25 years of experience with expertise in drug discovery in the area metabolic diseases and inflammation with major emphasis in peptide medicinal chemistry and peptide delivery. He earned a organic chemistry from the University of Lucknow, India and had subsequent postdoctoral appointments at the University of Georgia and the University of Colorado Medical School. Ved is energetically involved in the governance of the American Peptide Society.