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Carbon Capture and Storage Editors: Mai Bui, Niall Mac Dowell

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This book contains 576 pages.

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03 Dec 2019
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About this book

Carbon capture and storage (CCS) and "negative emissions" technologies will play an essential role in mitigating the impact of global warming and meeting the temperature targets set by the IPCC and by COP21. Identifying the role and value of CCS relative to other mitigation technologies is of vital importance. This book provides a comprehensive, up-to-date overview of the major sources of carbon dioxide emission, capture and storage, as well as negative emissions technologies, and provides insight into the role and value of CCS in the industrial and power sectors. The issues associated with commercial deployment of CCS are discussed, providing potential approaches to overcome these hurdles through a combination of political, economic and R&D strategies. Carbon Capture and Storage provides the latest global perspective on the role and value of CCS in delivering temperature targets and reducing the impact of global warming. With contributions from internationally recognised leaders, this book will appeal to graduate students and researchers in academia and industry, working in chemical engineering, mechanical engineering, and energy policy.

From the book series:
Energy and Environment Series

Author information

Dr Niall Mac Dowell is a Senior Lecturer (Associate Professor) in Energy and Environmental Technology and Policy in the Centre for Environmental Policy at Imperial College London, where he currently leads the Clean Fossil and Bioenergy Research Group. He is a Chartered Engineer with the Institution of Chemical Engineers and is on the Executive Board of the IChemE’s Energy Centre, a member of the Technical Working Group of the CCSA and the ZEP on industrial decarbonisation and a member of the UKCCSRC. He currently leads a research group of 5 PDRAs, 10 PhD students all of whom are focused on technology development for climate change mitigation and has published work at the molecular, process and network scales in this context. He has given advice to DECC, the IEA, the ETI and the JRC and has travelled on behalf of the Foreign Office to China and Korea to promote low carbon power generation. He is currently the PI on the EPSRC-funded project MESMERISE-CCS and the IEA-funded project FlexEVAL and Co-I on the EPSRC-funded projects Opening Future Fuels and CCSInSupply and the UKCCSRC funded project BECCS-IL in addition to the FP7 Project CO2QUEST. He was awarded the 2010 Qatar Petroleum Prize and the 2015 IChemE Nicklin medal for research excellence in low carbon energy.

Dr Mai Bui is a Senior Research Associate at the Centre for Environmental Policy in the Faculty of Natural Sciences of Imperial College London. She is also a member of the Centre for Process Systems Engineering (CPSE) and co-leads the Clean Fossil and Bioenergy Research Group (CleanFaB) with Dr Niall Mac Dowell. She is a Future Energy Leader at the Energy Centre of the Institute of Chemical Engineers (IChemE). She is also a committee member of the SCI Energy Group. She currently works on the Comparative assessment and region-specific optimisation of greenhouse gas removal (GGR) technologies project (funded by NERC), which studies the region-specific potential of negative emission technologies. Mai completed her PhD at Monash University in Australia (2011-2015). She worked in collaboration with The Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) to study the effect of flexible operation during post-combustion capture (PCC) of CO2.