The Rhubarb Connection and Other Revelations: The Everyday World of Metal Ions Authors: Lars Öhrström, Jacques Covès

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Pink warships that vanish at dusk, urinary maladies of an emperor, and a gold test for cocaine – behold the chemistry of metal ions as never before.

In this book you will learn about the sarcophagus molecule, the Chen-Kao test, and how murderers can be caught blue-handed with the wonders of glowing luminol. You will also meet the hidden chemistry of metal ions in everyday life, from the clever modern devices that measure blood-sugar levels, to the leather on your shoes and chewing gum stuck to their soles.

Expect to encounter a fair share of heroes and villains, real and fictional, scientist and layperson. Such characters include an ex-MI5 employee running a hospital ward in London amid falling German V1 rockets, a notorious racing cyclist, a proud butler and the lady who first proposed nuclear fission (it’s not who you think it is).

With engaging, humorous and intelligent prose, the reader will discover the fascinating back-stories of chemical discoveries and inventions where metal ions have played a major role.

Featuring a foreword by popular science communicator Dr Raychelle Burks of St. Edward's University, Texas.

Book content

  • Fantastic Metal Ions and How to Catch Them
  • Rhubarb, an Emperor and the Butler's Pride
  • Mining, Magnets and Making New Elements
  • On Poisoning, Self-poisoning and the Euro
  • Down to Earth Chemistry
  • Chemicals from Trees and How the Pacific Yew Was Saved
  • Molecules and Murderers – The Art of Detection and Measuring
  • Metal Medications and Metals Versus Medicines
  • Blood, Iron and Body Metals
  • Vanishing Warships and Sugary Gold

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06 Dec 2018
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