Photochemistry: Volume 45 Editors: Angelo Albini, Elisa Fasani, Stefano Protti

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17 Oct 2017
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Drawing on the continued wealth of photochemical research, this volume combines reviews in the latest advances in the field with specific topical highlights. Starting with periodical reports of the literature from 2015-2016 on physical and inorganic aspects, light induced reactions in cryogenic matrices, triplet states on polymers and related materials, properties of transition-metal compounds and the exploitation of solar energy. Coverage continues with highlighted topics in the second part from photoredox systems for building C-C bonds from carbon dioxide, photochemistry in art, photoresponsive devices targeting nucleic acid structures, developments in photodynamic therapy devices and photocatalysis with donor-acceptor polymers. Providing critical analysis of the topics, this book is essential reading for anyone wanting to keep up to date with the literature on photochemistry and its applications.

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SPR - Photochemistry