Macromolecules Incorporating Transition Metals: Tackling Global Challenges Authors: Alaa S Abd-El-Aziz, Christian Agatemor, Wai-Yeung Wong

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06 Feb 2018
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New materials are required to solve global challenges such as the growing energy demand and reducing the threat of new and re-emerging diseases and infections. Metallopolymers is an exciting and promising area of research and this book focuses on the strategy of incorporating transition metals into macromolecules to design functional materials for addressing such problems.

The book starts with an introduction to current global challenges and the role of materials science in tackling these, it then discusses the fundamentals of metallopolymers and their synthesis. The final chapters look at specific applications of the materials from photovoltaics and light-emitting diodes for energy conservation, to biological sensors and drug delivery platforms.

Written by leading experts in the field, this book is an ideal reference for students and researchers working in polymer chemistry, organometallic chemistry and materials science interested in both the polymers and their applications in energy and health.

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