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Drinking Water Treatment for Developing Countries: Physical, Chemical and Biological Pollutants Authors: Aniruddha Bhalchandra Pandit, Jyoti Kishen Kumar

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This book contains 212 pages.

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22 Mar 2019
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About this book

Drinking water availability and safety is a major challenge faced globally and is highly pronounced in developing countries worldwide. Lack of safe potable water across the globe can be attributed to industrial pollution, climate change and other human activities that result in a spectrum of chemical, physical and biological pollutants entering a water body. Although efforts to solve this problem are well underway worldwide, challenges still exist. This book shines a light on drinking water treatment methods and scale of operation specifically for the developing countries.

Covering both conventional and emerging treatment technologies, the authors discuss the removal of chemical, physical and biological pollutants from drinking water, with a focus on developing countries. Conservation by rainwater harvesting, wastewater reuse, and selection criteria of feasible methods are considered in the context of issues relevant to Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean.

With case studies connecting theory to real world matters, showcasing efficiencies and drawbacks, this book is ideal for graduate and postgraduate level course use in engineering departments or for self-study and research.