Green Chemistry for Surface Coatings, Inks and Adhesives: Sustainable Applications Editors: Rainer Höfer, Avtar Singh Matharu, Zhanrong Zhang

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26 Jun 2019
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Many modern surface coatings and adhesives are derived from fossil feedstocks. With fossil fuels becoming more polluting and expensive to extract as supplies dwindle, industry is turning increasingly to nature, mimicking natural solutions using renewable raw materials and employing new technologies.

Highlighting sustainable technologies and applications of renewable raw materials within the framework of green and sustainable chemistry, circular economy and resource efficiency, this book provides a cradle-to-cradle perspective. From potential feedstocks to recycling/reuse opportunities and the de-manufacture of adhesives and solvents, green chemistry principles are applied to all aspects of surface coating, printing, adhesive and sealant manufacture.

This book is ideal for students, researchers and industrialists working in green sustainable chemistry, industrial coatings, adhesives, inks and printing technologies.

From the book series:
Green Chemistry Series