Ecotoxicology and Genotoxicology: Non-traditional Aquatic Models Editor: Marcelo L Larramendy

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10 Jul 2017
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The potential impact of anthropogenic pollutants such as agrochemicals on the environment is of global concern. Increasing use of certain compounds can result in contamination of food, water and atmospheric systems and in order to combat this pollution it is important to be able to accurately monitor the short and long term effects.
This book describes the latest aquatic species models used as indicators of the toxic effects of environmental pollutants, including models that have not routinely been used. The book enables understanding of the effects of pollutants in non-target species, and therefore enables analysis of the effects on ecosystems.
This book will be of interest to anyone interested in developing new biomarker species with high degrees of ecological relevance. It will serve as a useful resource for regulatory and research toxicologists, particularly those studying freshwater, marine water and sediment environments.

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