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The Chemistry of Money Author: Brian Rohrig

About this book

Did you know that some societies once used giant rocks for money? Why do some coins have holes in them? Will plastic soon replace paper currency?

The history of money closely parallels the history of chemistry, with advances in material science leading to advances in our physical currency. From the earliest examples of money, through the rise of coins, paper, plastic and beyond, with excursions into corrosion and counterfeiting along the way, this book provides a chemist’s eye view into the history of the cash in our pockets.

Written in an accessible style that will appeal to the layperson and scientist alike, The Chemistry of Money will be sure to both enlighten and entertain. You will never look at money the same way again!

Book content

  • The History of Money
  • The Changing Face of our Coins
  • Recent Changes in Coins
  • The History of Paper Currency
  • History of Counterfeiting
  • The Future of Money.

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This book contains 352 pages.

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Print publication date
26 Oct 2020
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