Graphene-based Membranes for Mass Transport Applications Editors: Hongwei Zhu, Pengzhan Sun

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27 Sep 2018
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About this book

There is great interest in the novel mass-transport properties of graphene-based membrane materials, especially for environmental applications such as wastewater treatment and reuse, gas separation and water desalination.

Graphene-based Membranes for Mass Transport Applications is a comprehensive overview of the research in this area. Starting with current state-of-the-art membrane-based filtration and separation technologies, the book then explores the structure, composition and general properties of graphene-based membranes including nanoporous graphene and graphene oxide followed by the selective mass transport properties of the membranes. The final chapters look at their specific use in barrier applications, purification and separation applications and water desalination.

Edited by leading researchers, the book provides an introduction and reference to physicists, chemists, material scientists, chemical engineers and students who are entering or already working in the field of graphene-based membrane materials.