Advances in Photoelectrochemical Water Splitting: Theory, Experiment and Systems Analysis Editors: S David Tilley, Stephan Lany, Roel van de Krol

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12 Apr 2018
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Tremendous research is taking place to make photoelectrochemical (PEC) water splitting technology a reality. Development of high performance PEC systems requires an understanding of the theory to design novel materials with attractive band gaps and stability. Focusing on theory and systems analysis, Advances in Photoelectrochemical Water Splitting provides an up-to-date review of this exciting research landscape.

The book starts by addressing the challenges of water splitting followed by chapters on the theoretical design of PEC materials and their computational screening. The book then explores advances in identifying reaction intermediates in PEC materials as well as developments in solution processed photoelectrodes, photocatalyst sheets, and bipolar membranes. The final part of the book focuses on systems analysis, which lays out a roadmap of where researchers hope the fundamental research will lead us.

Edited by world experts in the field of solar fuels, the book provides a comprehensive overview of photoelectrochemical water splitting, from theoretical aspects to systems analysis, for the energy research community.

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