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Membrane Engineering for the Treatment of Gases: Two-volume Set: Edition 2 Editors: Enrico Drioli, Giuseppe Barbieri, Adele Brunetti

About this book

Elaborating on recent and future developments in the field of membrane engineering, this two-volume set forms an innovative reference work on membrane engineering and technology in the field of gas separation and gaseous phase membrane reactors. Volume 1 focuses on new membrane materials which have recently emerged in gas separation, and Volume 2 is devoted to the main advances in gaseous phase membrane reactors and separators. Both Volumes are available individually as eBooks.

Book content

  • Modelling of gas separation in thermally-rearranged polymeric membranes
  • Materials by design: multiscale molecular modelling for the design of nanostructured membranes
  • Thermally rearranged (TR) polymers: An ultimate solution for membrane gas separations
  • Multi-scale Molecular Modelling Approaches for Designing/Selecting Polymers Used for Developing Novel Membranes
  • Thermally Rearranged Polymer Membranes for Gas Separation
  • Highly Permeable Polymer Membranes for Gas Separation (PIMs)
  • Graphene-based Membranes for Gas Separation
  • Mixed Matrix Membranes (MOFs, ZIFs, Zeolites, etc.) for Gas Separation
  • Physical Aging of Membranes for Gas Separations
  • Applications of Membrane Gas Separation in Hydrocarbon Industries
  • Recent Advances in New Membranes for Gas Separation
  • Membrane Processes for Post-combustion Capture and Biogas Treatment
  • Simulation of Polymeric Membrane Systems for CO2 Capture
  • Membrane Pilot Plant Trials of CO2 Separation from Flue Gas or Cost Competitive Membrane-cryogenic Post-combustion Carbon Capture
  • Industrial Development of Carbon Dioxide Capture with Membranes at an IGCC Power Plant
  • Membrane Reactors in Hydrogen Production
  • Chemical Looping for Hydrogen Production and Purification
  • Ultrathin Pd-Ag Membranes for Hydrogen Production
  • Pd-alloy Membranes (Different than Ag) in Precombustion Capture
  • Pd-based Membranes in Hydrogen Production: Long Term Tests and Contaminants Effects
  • Polarization and CO Inhibition in Pd-based Membranes
  • High Temperature Membrane Reactors
  • Industrial Applications of High Temperature Membrane Reactors for Gas Treatment
  • Liquid Fuels Production in Membrane Reactors (C1-chemistry)
  • Flow-through Catalytic Membrane Reactors for the Destruction of a Chemical Warfare Simulant
  • Carbon Molecular Sieve Membranes for H2 and CO2 Separation
  • Perovskite Membranes for High Temperature Oxygen Separation
  • Mass Transport in Zeolite Membrane for the Treatment of Gases
  • Ceramic Membranes in Gas Treatment
  • H2O2 Production in MR
  • Solar Fuels and Chemicals from CO2 or Artificial Leaf
  • Technoeconomics and LCA of MR in IGCC
  • New Metrics in Membrane Gas Separation.
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17 Oct 2017
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