Drug Transporters: Volume 2: Recent Advances and Emerging Technologies Editors: Glynis Nicholls, Kuresh Youdim

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07 Sep 2016
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Understanding and quantifying the effects of membrane transporters within the human body is essential for modulating drug safety and drug efficacy. The first volume comprehensively reviewed current knowledge and techniques in the transporter sciences and their relations to drug metabolism and pharmacokinetics. In this second volume on Drug Transporters, emphasis is placed on emerging sciences and technologies, highlighting potential areas for future advances within the drug transporter field.

The topics covered in both volumes ensure that all relevant aspects of transporters are described across the drug development process, from in silico models and preclinical tools through to the potential impact of transporters in the clinic. Contributions are included from expert leaders in the field, at-the-bench industrial scientists, renowned academics and international regulators. Case studies and emerging developments are highlighted, together with the merits and limitations of the available methods and tools, and extensive references to reviews on specific in-depth topics are also included for those wishing to pursue their knowledge further.

As such, this text serves as an essential handbook of information for postgraduate students, academics, industrial scientists and regulators who wish to understand the role of transporters in absorption, distribution, metabolism, and excretion processes. In addition, it is also a useful reference tool on the models and calculations necessary to predict their effect on human pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics.

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Dr Glynis Nicholls has over 18 years experience within the pharmaceutical field in both academia and industry (including 7 years at GlaxoSmithKline and 5 years at AstraZeneca), specializing in drug transporter science from discovery through to clinical development. Dr Nicholls has played a leading role in writing and implementing internal transporter strategies within the industry, as well as collaborating across multiple international locations with internal and external colleagues on transporter-related projects and scientific developments, including PhD projects. Dr Kuresh Youdim has 9 years academic experience in the field of nutrition and neuroscience, plus 10 years pharmaceutical experience across multiple disciplines within drug discovery and development (including 8 years at Pfizer and 2 years at Roche) predominantly in the field of drug-drug interactions and PBPK modelling.