Intensification of Biobased Processes Editors: Andrzej Górak, Andrzej Stankiewicz

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19 Jun 2018
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In recent years bioprocessing has increased in popularity and importance, however, bioprocessing still poses various important techno-economic and environmental challenges, such as product yields, excessive energy consumption for separations in highly watery systems, batch operation or the downstream processing bottlenecks in the production of biopharmaceutical products. Many of those challenges can be addressed by application of different process intensification technologies discussed in the present book.

The first book dedicated entirely to this area, Intensification of Biobased Processes provides a comprehensive overview of modern process intensification technologies used in bioprocessing. The book focusses on four different categories of biobased products: bio-fuels and platform chemicals; cosmeceuticals; food products; and polymers and advanced materials. It will cover various intensification aspects of the processes concerned, including (bio)reactor intensification; intensification of separation, recovery and formulation operations; and process integration. This is an invaluable source of information for researchers and industrialists working in chemical engineering, biotechnology and process engineering.

From the book series:
Green Chemistry Series

Author information

Prof. Andrzej Górak is a Professor at Lodz University of Technology, Poland and an Emeritus Professor of TU Dortmund University. He is an Editor of Chemical Engineering and Processing: Process Intensification and a Board Member of the European Process Intensification Centre (EUROPIC).

His scientific interests are reactive and bioreactive separation processes, process intensification, computer aided process engineering. His research is also focused on experimental investigations of reactive and hybrid separation processes such as reactive distillation and membrane separations.

Andrzej Stankiewicz is Full Professor at Delft University of Technology (Chair of Intensified Reaction and Separation Systems) and Director of TU Delft Process Technology Institute. He is author of numerous publications on chemical reaction engineering, industrial catalysis and process intensification, including the world’s first book on Process Intensification: Re-Engineering the Chemical Processing Plant.

Prof. Stankiewicz is an Editor of Chemical Engineering and Processing: Process Intensification and a Series Editor of the Green Chemistry Books Series. He was the founder and first Chairman of the Working Party on Process Intensification at the European Federation of Chemical Engineering, and currently chairs the Board of the European Process Intensification Centre (EUROPIC).

His current research interests are control of molecular interactions and intensification of chemical processes using electric and electromagnetic fields. And he has been awarded the prestigious Advanced Investigator Grant by the European Research Council (with co-workers) and a grant by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.