Semiconductor Quantum Dots: Organometallic and Inorganic Synthesis Author: Mark Green

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03 Jul 2014
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About this book

Quantum dots are nano-sized particles of semiconducting material, typically chalcogenides or phosphides of metals found across groups II to VI of the periodic table. Their small size causes them to exhibit unique optical and electrical properties which are now finding applications in electronics, optics and in the biological sciences.

Synthesis of these materials began in the late 1980’s and this book gives a thorough background to the topic, referencing these early discoveries. Any rapidly-expanding field will contain vast amounts of publications, and this book presents a complete overview of the field, bringing together the most relevant and seminal aspects literature in an informed and succinct manner.

The author has been an active participant in the field since its infancy in the mid 1990’s, and presents a unique handbook to the synthesis and application of this unique class of materials. Drawing on both his own experience and referencing the primary literature, Mark Green has prepared. Postgraduates and experienced researchers will benefit from the comprehensive nature of the book, as will manufacturers of quantum dots and those wishing to apply them.

Author information

Mark Green gained a doctorate in quantum dots from Imperial College London in 1998. . Post Doctoral work followed at Imperial College and the University of Oxford. In 2004 he joined Kings College London, becoming Senior Lecturer in 2007. His research interests include organometallic based synthesis of semiconducutor and metal nanoparticles, biological applications of nanomaterials and rare-earth based nanomaterials.