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A Flash of Light: The Science of Light and Colour Editors: Mark Lorch, Andy Miah

About this book

A Flash of Light is an intriguing book that starts at the beginning of time itself and then winds its way through a host of fascinating light related topics including the hues of aliens sunsets, the psychology of colour, and the chemistry of LCD screens. Written as part of a novel experiment, editors Mark Lorch and Andy Miah hatched a plan to collect a critical mass of academics in a room and charged them with writing a popular science book, under the watchful eye of the general public at the Manchester Science Festival. The result is an enlightening look into the science behind colour and light, encompassing biology, chemistry and physics and including simple and fun “try this at home” ideas to illustrate the concepts covered. Drawing on the experience of some of the UK’s best science communicators, this book will appeal to anyone with an interest in science. Its pacey, witty and engaging tone provides illuminating insight into how and why we see the universe the way we do.

Book content

  • Evolution of light in the Universe
  • Sunrises in the Solar System
  • From 50 shades of grey to a technicolour world
  • Seeing the invisible
  • What we really see
  • Seeing is not always believing
  • Where is colour
  • Seeing inside you
  • History of LCDs

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This book contains 128 pages.

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Print publication date
01 Jul 2016
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