Photochemistry: Volume 44 Editors: Angelo Albini, Elisa Fasani

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23 Sep 2016
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Providing critical reviews of recent advances in photochemistry including organic and computational aspects, the latest volume in the Series reflects the current interests in this area. It also includes a series of highlights on molecular devices, global artificial photosynthesis, silicon nanoparticles, solar energy conversion, organic heterogeneous photocatalysis and photochemistry in surface-water environments. Volume 44 of the annual Specialist Periodical Reports: Photochemistry is essential reading for anyone wishing to keep up with the literature on photochemistry and its applications.

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SPR - Photochemistry

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Angelo Albini is currently Professor of Organic Chemistry at the University of Pavia, Italy. He is active in the field of organic photochemistry, organic synthesis via radical and ions, photoinitiated reactions, mild synthetic procedures for sustainable/green chemistry, applied photochemistry (photostability of dyes, drugs, photoinduced degradation of pollutants). He has co-authored or edited four books and been the editor of the annual Specialist Periodical Reports: Photochemistry since 2008. He has also co-authored ca. 320 research articles and 40 review articles or chapters.
Elisa Fasani is Associated Professor of Organic Chemistry at the University of Pavia. Her research activity centres on mechanistic, preparative and applied aspects of photochemistry. She has extensively studied the photochemistry and photostability of some classes of compounds of applicative interest such as dyes, pollutants and drugs. Over the last twenty years, she has had the main responsibility of the research in the photochemistry of drugs, in particular fluoroquinolone and oxazolidinone antibacterials, steroids, nitrophenyldihydropyridines. She is co-author/editor of Drugs: Photochemistry and Photostability, RSC, Cambridge, 1998, co-editor of the Specialist Periodical Reports: Photochemistry, as well as co-author of ca.130 research papers.