Organophosphorus Chemistry: Volume 45 Editors: David W Allen, David Loakes, John C. Tebby

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15 Mar 2016
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Organophosphorus chemistry is a very broad and exciting field, with potential opportunities to the researchers involved in multi-disciplinary areas of scientific endeavour including organic, medicinal, pharmaceutical, agricultural and industrial chemistry. Coverage in this annual review of the literature presents a comprehensive and critical survey of the vast field of study involving organophosphorus compounds. With reviews covering phosphines and phosphonium salts through to tervalent and quinquevalent phosphorus acid derivatives, nucleotides, ylides, and phosphazenes. Since synthetic organic chemists have been motivated to develop eco-friendly methodologies for generating phosphorus-functionalized compounds of potential interest, the Editors have added to the usual content with a timely chapter on the recent developments in green synthetic approaches in organophosphorus chemistry to reflect the current interests in the area. This book continues the series with a timely overview of this interesting and developing field.