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Fundamentals of Smart Materials Editor: Mohsen Shahinpoor

About this book

Smart materials are of significant interest and this is the first textbook to provide a comprehensive graduate level view of topics that relate to this field. Fundamentals of Smart Materials consists of a workbook and solutions manual covering the basics of different functional material systems aimed at advanced undergraduate and postgraduate students.

Topics include piezoelectric materials, magnetostrictive materials, shape memory alloys, mechanochromic materials, thermochromic materials, chemomechanical polymers and self-healing materials. Each chapter provides an introduction to the material, its applications and uses with example problems, fabrication and manufacturing techniques, conclusions, homework problems and a bibliography.

Edited by a leading researcher in smart materials, the textbook can be adopted by teachers in materials science and engineering, chemistry, physics and chemical engineering.

Book content

  • Introduction to Smart Materials
  • Piezoelectric Materials
  • Piezoresistive Materials
  • Electrostrictive Materials
  • Magnetostrictive Materials
  • Giant Magnetostrictive Materials (GMM)
  • Giant Magneto Resistive (GMR) Materials)
  • Magnetic Gels
  • Electrorheological Fluids (ERFs)
  • MagnetorheologicalFluids (MRFs)
  • Dielectric Elastomers (DEs)
  • Shape Memory Alloys (SMAs)
  • Magnetic Shape Memory Alloys (MSM)
  • Shape Memory Polymers (SMPs)
  • Nanomaterials
  • Conductive Polymers (HJS) and
  • Self-healing Materials
  • Mechanochromic Materials
  • Thermochromic Materials
  • Chemomechanical Polymers and Smart Gels
  • Smart Biogenic Materials
  • Ionic Polymer Metal Nano Composites (IPMCs)
  • Liquid Crystals and Liquid Crystal Elastomer
  • Sol-gels
  • Functional Metalloorganic Frameworks( MOF’s)
  • Bioactive Glasses
  • Materials for Sunlight Conversion
  • Materials for Displays and Lighting
  • Smart Electronic Materials, or Materials based on Molecular Electronics
  • Smart Materials for Drug delivery
  • Smart Materials Derived from Clays
  • Smart Membranes
  • Materials from Molecular Imprinting
  • Smart Polymer Brushes
  • Smart Surfaces

The print version of this book is planned for release on 21 April 2020. Information about this book is subject to change without notice.

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This book contains 300 pages.

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Author information

Mohsen Shahinpoor is the Richard C. Hill Professor and Chair at the University of Maine, Department of Mechanical Engineering. Prof. Shahinpoor is internationally known for his work on smart materials and artificial muscles as well as smart medical devices, implants, and non-invasive surgery. His research has been featured in numerous reports in the popular media.