Sustainable Catalysis: Without Metals or Other Endangered Elements, Part 2 Editor: Michael North

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16 Nov 2015
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Catalysis is a fundamentally sustainable process which can be used to produce a wide range of chemicals and their intermediates. Focussing on those catalytic processes which offer the most sustainability, this two-part book explores recent developments in this field, as well as examining future challenges. Focussing on catalysis without metals or other endangered elements, each chapter covers a different type of organocatalyst. Beginning with chapters on acid and base catalysis, the book then concentrates on asymmetric catalysis. Several chapters cover pyrrolidine-based and cinchona alkaloid-based catalysts, whilst other chapters examine further organoctalysts which are constructed only from sustainable elements. Together with “Sustainable Catalysis: With Non-endangered Metals”, these books examine the progress in sustainable catalysis in all areas of chemistry, and are an important reference for researchers working in catalysis and green chemistry.

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Green Chemistry Series

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Michael North holds the Chair in Green Chemistry at the University of York. He is also Joint Chair of the CO2Chem, an EPSCR-supported Grand Challenge Network examining CO2 chemistry. His research interests are in green organic chemistry, especially sustainable catalysis and the utilization of sustainable feedstocks including CO2.