Cyclic Peptides: From Bioorganic Synthesis to Applications Editors: Jesko Koehnke, James Naismith, Wilfred A van der Donk

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15 Dec 2017
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Cyclic peptides are increasingly employed as chemical tools in biology and drug discovery. They have gained a lot of interest as alternative sources of new drugs to traditional small molecules.
This book introduces cyclic peptides and provides a thorough overview of biosynthetic and fully synthetic approaches to their preparation. Following an introduction to cyclic peptides, biosynthetic and traditional chemical routes to cyclic peptides are reviewed. Due to their size, their synthesis is not trivial. Recent advances in the incorporation of novel structural units are presented in addition to how synthesis and biological methods can be combined. The chemical analysis of this molecular class is also discussed. Furthermore, chapters detail the progression of cyclic peptides as tools in biology and as potential drugs, providing a future vision of their importance.
In total, this book provides the reader with a comprehensive view of the state-of-the-art of cyclic peptides, from construction to possible clinical utility. This book will be an essential resource for students, researchers and  scientists within industry in medicinal, bioorganic, natural product and analytical chemistry fields.

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